Collin Creek Mall Development Update

The area will soon become a pedestrian-friendly mixed-use development.

By Matilda Preisendorf — November 9, 2022

Since Collin Creek Mall closed in 2019, there has been speculation about what would move into the area. It has recently been confirmed that the area will become available for housing and businesses. 

Local Profile previously reported that after Collin Creek Mall closed its doors in 2019, the city worked with Centurion American Development Group, the company leading the $1 billion redevelopment project. The project would set aside an area deemed underserved by the Parks and Recreation Master Plan.

Director of Special Projects Peter Braster told Local Profile that the planning has taken about three years to complete, but many things are in the works.

“Everyone is waiting to see progress as we get things going,’ Braster said. “But we are trying to keep everyone updated as we go.” 

Centurion has officially released a plan website for residents and visitors to stay updated on the area where the mall formerly sat. The development group will turn the area into a “pedestrian-friendly mixed-use project.” The plan includes 500 single-family homes, 2,300 multifamily units, 300 independent living units and 308,000 square feet of space for retail. There are three different builders for the homes, but Baster expects home buyers to be moving into the new spaces in about a year. 

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