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By Westlake-TX — August 24, 2021

Exciting times are ahead for Westlake’s Entrada development. The opening of Starbucks has certainly been a welcomed addition, anchoring what is now a fully occupied retail corner at the intersection of Davis Boulevard and Highway 114.  But now we have more good news to share.

Town Council recently approved a development plan amendment request from the Entrada developer, Centurion American, to allow for major changes to the amenity core of the project.   These potential changes include a new retail and events area adjacent to the parking garage that’s currently under construction, adding a hotel, office space, restaurants, and a residential repository along Highway 114. 

These, along with potential luxury condominiums atop retail amenities, and offices, are proposed to begin construction early next year.  According to the developer, when combined with the soon-to-be-opened restaurants, reception hall, and chapel, the amenity core of Entrada will begin to take shape in the next year or two. “Residents will soon see a significant change in activity.  The heavy lifting of the commercial portion of the development is starting. This will be the biggest 12 months of starts that the project has seen since its inception”, says Ralph Bush, Managing Partner of Bush Architects.

And even more potential changes are coming to Entrada.   The Plaza Mayor is undergoing a major shift in design and quality of construction. The introduction of steel frame construction along with a phasing plan will allow for a higher quality condominium project that will address the Town’s market concerns and allow the developer flexibility in bringing the project to fruition. “We envision the Plaza will be home to 100 condo units in phase one and up to 250 units once the project is completed. The developer will be seeking approval for additional entitlements once phase one of the project has proven up the condo market in the Westlake sub-market”, says Westlake’s Director of Planning and Development Ron Ruthven.

In the meantime, Town Staff is working closely with the developer and builders to keep the site as clean as possible during construction. Among those efforts include insuring trash is hauled off daily.  The developer has also hired an erosion control contractor who will start providing weekly maintenance.  

The developer is working on landscape plans for the area south of the pedestrian bridge to improve the aesthetics.  The Gas Pad material storage area will have visibility screening installed on the existing chain-link fence and old piles of dirt, stone, and construction debris are being removed. 

Entrada is evolving by the day and taking shape right before our eyes.  We’re excited to see what’s next!

Via Westlake-TX.

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