How’s the Collin Creek Redevelopment Plan Going?

The developer provides an update on where the Collin Creek redevelopment stands

By Meredith Yeomans — December 23, 2022

Collin Creek Mall was Plano’s first major shopping center and a pivotal part of the city’s growth.

When it opened in 1981, it became a regional destination.

“When it opened I think people were coming in from Oklahoma to go shopping,” said Peter Braster, Director of Special Projects for the City of Plano.

Fast forward nearly 40 years and it was a place on the way to somewhere else.

“Not everything lasts forever,” said Braster.

The mall closed in 2019.

Then redevelopment began with a bang in September 2021.

“It’s a very complex project and it seems like it wouldn’t be, but it is, when you’re ripping apart basically the guts of a building,” said Sean Terry, Vice President of Centurion American which bought the 99-acre property.

A portion of the old mall remains and what remains is part of a new billion-dollar development that’s being reimagined from below ground up, starting with a new, massive culvert system.

It’s one reason, Terry says, development is running behind.

“You could drive three 18-wheelers side by side through that culvert system if you can imagine the volume of water, so that had to be done right,” he said. “I would say we’re probably behind 6, 7 months which in the development world is not terrible but I know people want to see instant results.”

Once finished, Collin Creek will be transformed into what amounts to a mixed-use mecca with retail, restaurants, parks, trails, a hotel, a three-story underground garage, office space, senior living, 2,000+ apartments and 500 homes.

“This one is really special because not everybody gets to reimagine a mall,” said Braster.

Homes should be completed towards the end of next year, he said, and the rest will finish in phases.

“The city and the developer have worked really hard to keep sort of the core idea of what Collin Creek Mall represents still here today,” said Braster.

The project, he hopes, will revitalize the city’s 75 corridor and put that corner of Plano back on the map.

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